Many trained volunteers assist with the Media Ministry at Mountainside Seventh-day Adventist Church, creating and supporting the worship experiences at the church and broadcasting them around the world to others who worship with the Mountainside congregation. The team of volunteers is led by Marc Connor.

If you would like to become a part of the Media Ministry Team, contact or call the church office at (404) 286-1001.

Volunteers are needed for the following

Graphic Artist
A graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. This individual or individuals will provide the graphical designs needed for the presentation screens, website, social media & church department purposes.
This individual is responsbible for and has the ability to capture the experience (not just take pictures) of the Mountainside Sabbath service, and other events (as necessary).
Camera Operator
This individual will be responsible for providing the service of running the camera to capture our weekly and special services.
DVD/CD Creator
This individual or individuals will be responsible for getting the recorded sermons onto CD and DVD formats for distribution in a timely manner.
Social Media Manager
Social media managers are responsible for developing content to share on our various social media platforms, currently consisting of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+. This individual or group of individuals is aware that our social media presence is our church’s face online and is responsible for representing it as such.

This position can be performed by one individual managing all our platforms or a group of individuals working on just one or two of our social platforms.

Sound Technician
Sound Technicians use the soundboard and other audio equipment to ensure sound levels are correct and the sound is mixed well. Their work is the finishing touch on the artist’s performance, guaranteeing that the music sounds good for both the performer/s or speaker/s onstage and for the people in the congregation.

This individual or group of individuals is responsible for working the digital sound board for our services and events, maintaining a clear and distortion free sound at all times in the Sanctuary. This involves pre-setup, post-pack up, and being present for various rehearsals. This the most vital job of our service, and needs the most dedicated members.

Website Designer
A Web designer is someone who prepares content for the Web. This role is mainly related to the styling and layout of pages with content, including text and images. Web designers use many technologies but commonly rely on hypertext and hypermedia resources including HTML, CSS and additional Web design tools. This individual or individuals will work on our website to keep it updated as necessary.
Presentation Specialist
Presentation Specialist works with the content provider to design a presentation in Power Point or another program in order to highlight a their message most effectively. This individual is responsible for ensuring that the graphical content on Power Point presentations isn’t too wordy or poorly designed.

The goal is to make the most memorable presentations possible that will inspire and leave lasting impressions on those in the congregation.

IT Support Technician
The IT Support Technicians is required to maintain the computers, network servers and phone technology in the church. This individual will work with the hardware, repairing or replacing defective equipment (as necessary). They may be required to install new or upgraded software and conduct testing on new or current software. The IT support technician may be responsible for diagnosing problems in computer hardware and may be called upon to troubleshoot problems for the user/s.

This individual often must verify that needed upgrades are installed on systems and may need to conduct periodic inventory of the computers used in the church. They may collect outdated equipment for recycling or disposal and will usually be the person responsible for installing new computers and attaching peripheral equipment such as printers. Occasionally, the IT support technician may be required to instruct new users on software or hardware, especially when major upgrades are made.

In short, this individual is responsible for resolving IT systems and hardware issues directly ensuring that all issues are resolved in the most effective manner.

Video Editor
As a film or video editor, you’ll be responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for broadcasting. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.
MultiMedia Presenter
This individual or group of individuals is responsible for preparing the weekly content for our Sabbath services and operating the computer to display said content during the service on Sabbath and/or other special events.
Team Leader
A team leader is someone who provides direction, instructions and guidance to the group of individuals, aka team, for that specific Sabbath. The purpose of achieving a certain goal, which is provide the smoothest, best and most effective digital experience for the congregation, online watchers and other church community each and every Sabbath.


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Training will be provided for each and every position above. What we’re looking for the most is a dedicated individuals willing & ready to let God use them for His service.