Upper Division

The Sabbath School is what we call the “Church at Study”. It is a spiritual teaching or belief education system of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Sabbath School has four purposes: study of the Scripture, fellowship, community outreach, and world global mission emphasis.

Every one, whether a member of the church or not, is welcome to be a member of a Sabbath School class. These classes meet weekly, in between the first and second worship experiences, at 10:00am every Saturday morning. According to your preference, there are large and small classes to choose from where we study God’s Word with the help of age-appropriate Bible study guides. In addition, class members conduct various outreach programs and provide assistance for each other during times of need. The annual Sabbath School picnic provides an opportunity for interactive fellowship.

Lower Division

The Children’s Division is responsible for the spiritual development of children from zero to thirteen years of age. With the assistance of a dedicated staff, we seek to impart to student the knowledge of God, help them experience God’s love, and aid them in living the life God intends them to live in order to be active laborers with Him for the salvation of others. These goals are accomplished through skillfully planned programs that include relative pre-session activities, student involved lesson study, mission emphasis, and community outreach. We solicit prayers and volunteer services from those concerned with fostering a Christ-like atmosphere in which young people are nurtured for eternity.

The Children’s Division has five subdivisions:

Cradle Roll – Ages 0 to 3 ½

This age group is a lover of music and they sing about God and the wonderful world He has made. Each Sabbath the students learn memory verses and engage in a make-and-take activity taken from the lesson of the day. Monthly, the children receive a study guide, Beginner and a weekly magazine Our Little Friend, which contains the Sabbath School lesson and stories.

Kindergarten – Ages 3 ½ to 5

These students are learning to love Jesus in a very special way. They learn and recite memory verses from the Bible. Kindergarteners also sing songs, play the bells, and play games that emphasize Jesus love for children. Our Little Friend magazine is given the students weekly.

Primary –Ages 6 to 9

The teachers guide the students to study the Bible with the purpose of growing a relationship with God. Students take a special interest in the beliefs of the church, learning the books of the Bible, the Beatitudes, and the Ten Commandments. Most of this is accomplished through song. Students are given stickers for being on time, learning the memory text, and reading the lesson daily. Students engage in a special class mission project of sending get well cards to the shut-in and sick members each month. Weekly, they receive the magazine Primary Treasure.

Juniors – Ages 10 to 11

These students main focus includes four major themes: Grace (Jesus loves me), Worship (I love Jesus), Community (We love others), and Service (We serve others). The Guide is the weekly magazine the students receives which contains their daily lessons, games, and stories. They work together in groups, have lively discussions, go on nature activities and engage in special fellowship activities after the Sabbath hours.

Earliteens – Ages 12 to 13

The main goal for the Earliteen students is to accept Christ as their personal Savior and to help others come to know Him a well. The lessons deal with real life situations and many lessons are centered around prayer. Students are invited to share their thoughts on topics of discussion. They engage in activities related to the lesson by role playing, working individually on projects, working in pairs or in small groups. Students participate in debriefing exercises as well as sharing illustrations connected to life scenarios.