The Mountainside Seventh-Day Adventist Church first began conducting services on September 23, 1999. The small congregation of 29 members, met and conducted worship services in the cafeteria of the Decatur Adventist Junior Academy better known as DAJA, located on Young Road, Decatur, GA. The church was under the leadership of Pastor Ted Smith and his beloved wife Sister Marion Smith.

Through the early years and as time progressed, the church grew at a very rapid rate and was able to purchase a little more than seven acres of land where the members intended to build the sanctuary.
Now strategically located at 3936 Rainbow Drive, Decatur, GA 30054 in a busy suburban residential setting, the church is committed to evangelism, Bible teaching, Bible Studies and disciple making. It is through this commitment and dedication that the church has equipped people to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in their homes, on their jobs, in the community which they live and visit and in other ministries of the church.

From it’s very humble beginning of 29 members Mountainside has grown to over 400 members. It’s original Pastor Ted Smith is now retired and we all mourn and suffered the loss of his wife and our beloved First Lady Marion Smith also known as Baby Cakes. She is now resting in the grave and will rise when our Lord returns to take us all home to heaven.

Since the retirement of Pastor Smith, we are now led by the very able and renown evangelist Pastor Sherwin Jack. This very dynamic preacher and evangelist has put a spark and ignited this church and is moving it rapidly forward. If you have been unfortunate not to hear this preacher and evangelist then now is your chance. We want to extend an very warm invitation for you to come visit us. You can also listen to some of Pastor Jack’s sermons here Click here